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Celebrate Canadian History Week With Healthier Versions of These Iconic Foods!

Snow has fallen, marking the beginning of winter in Canada. What better way to also mark off the beginning of Canada History Week! From November 18th-24th, celebrations will be held across the country recognizing the incredible people and events that have shaped our nation. To honour Canada, we thought we would highlight four of the truly Canadian foods that we all know and love, with a healthy twist! 


Poutine is a well-loved classic from coast to coast. Commonly made with fries, gravy and cheese curds, it is a comfort meal like no other. Many people have recreated poutine to feature their favourite foods. Here is a healthier version that you can make at home! 


Butter Tarts

Butter tarts are a fan favourite no matter the time of day. Whether you create a breakfast treat or enjoy it with a cup of coffee, its a staple in bakeries and homes and for good reason. Searching for a low-carb butter tart recipe that everyone in your family will enjoy? Take a look!


Split Pea Soup

Craving a warm bowl of soup on a cold and snowy day? Why not embrace our Canadian history with split pea soup? It is believed that Samuel de Champlain ate split pea soup when he settled in Canada, making it a French Canadian classic. You can either make a vegetarian version and fill it with delicious veggies or include lean meats like turkey. Pair it with freshly baked bread, and this recipe with be a fan favourite for sure! 


Nanaimo Bars

Nanaimo bars hail from the city of Nanaimo in British Columbia, and are a treat that is so easy to make! Featuring a rich crumb base, custard, and chocolate ganache, this no-bake dessert has made it’s way off of Vancouver Island to the rest of Canada. Try this tasty bar at home but in a healthier version! You will want to save this recipe


Enjoy a day of Canadian food, and recognize our Canadian history. Which Canadian foods are your favourites? Let us know. 

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