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We Appreciate Canadian Farmers!


They say that April showers bring May flowers. While that may be true across Canada, spring showers have impacted the planting process for farmer’s across the country!

There is an adage; “knee high by the first of July,” which will not be coming true this year for corn farmer’s as delayed planting and wet fields have slowed down the growing season.

With limited crops, there needs to be a greater appreciation for whole fruits and vegetables that are available this year.


Keep Your Produce Fresh!

We know how quickly fresh produce can become overripe and no longer edible. It can be frustrating to throw out fruits and veggies without being able to enjoy them.

To keep your produce fresher for longer, learn how to best store it whether it is in the fridge or not! Here are a few helpful tips!


Pick Local

The longer produce is stored and shipped for, the faster it loses its nutritional content. With there being a possible decrease in available crops, stores may have to rely on suppliers located farther away to keep their shelves full.

If you would like to fill your fridge with produce, why not pick local? There are so many local farms and markets that will be able to offer fruits and vegetables, freshly picked! 


The Juice Plus Process

We always appreciate the work that farmer’s across our country do, and ensure that we get the most out of the produce we use in our capsules and chewables.

To make sure that we are harvesting the most from the produce that we work with, we have developed quite a detailed process that includes using the entire fruit and vegetable, even the peel, leaves, core and stem!

We only work with family farms who offer the best quality produce. Our team also completes thejuicing and drying process as quickly as we can after the whole fruits and vegetables have been picked. To learn more about the entire process, take a look

This summer, let’s show our appreciation to all farmers! They work hard to bring us the fruits and vegetables we love.


The below video highlights our process:

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